DIY cocktails, delivered monthly.

Each pack explores a different classic and its variations, ingredients included.

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Inside each month's pack:

The recipe & history of a classic cocktail, along with some modern twists. We help you to learn and explore the flavours of each drink; you'll be expertly creating and customising drinks in no time.

A selection of the very best ingredients, enough for at least 4 servings. We source the same premium ingredients used by our experts. Some fresh ingredients (ice, lemons etc.) aren't included. We'll let you know about these in advance, so you can get started as soon as your kit arrives.

The story of each month's mixologist, their recipe and ingredient choices. It's the closest thing to a real person that we're allowed to put in a box.

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With Shaken, you join a community of cocktail lovers.

We run giveaways and promotions every month, and we love rewarding our members. Win prizes by reviewing your favourite bars, inventing new recipes, or even just sending us a photo of you enjoying your kit.

And of course you can ask questions, access exclusive deals, and learn about exciting new developments in the cocktail world. Treat us like your very own bartender.

Bloody good cocktails

Every kit is designed by a different person. From whiskey experts to coffee connoiseurs and master gin distillers, we want to show you the best of the classic and contemporary cocktail world.

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