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How it works

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    Our experts create a new box each month, featuring premium ingredients and focussing on a classic cocktail.
  • Home@2x
    We deliver to your door, for free, every month. You can skip a month or cancel altogether at any point — there's no long-term commitment.
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    You've now got everything you need to make five bar-quality drinks at home. Sip, relax and share (or not).

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What's in a box?

Bottle lineup

Premium ingredients, at a great price

We only work with high-quality suppliers so you’ll experience the very best of the cocktail world. You won’t find this stuff in the supermarket.

Manhattan kit

Included in each box

  • Great spirits from boutique and world-famous producers.
  • A recipe booklet with easy instructions, tasting notes and the history of each drink.
  • All the premium ingredients you need (except fresh items like fruit or ice).
  • New to the bar?

    If you’ve never mixed a drink before, don’t fret. Our boxes are simple with easy-to-follow recipes — no jargon in sight, and no fancy equipment needed. With each box, you’ll learn about a new aspect of cocktails. You’ll taste new spirits, pick up a few tricks, and gradually learn all you need to be at home with your at-home bar.

  • Cocktail Connoisseur?

    Our boxes are great for even the most seasoned drinks lover. We choose the best ingredients and our recipes include a range of great twists on the classics. You’ll get to sample interesting and rare ingredients, then build your home bar with our bottle shop (where you even get a special member’s discount).

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